Rescuing Revenue: An Exclusive Whitepaper by FATHOM

Ahead of next month’s World Water-Tech Investment Summit, we wanted to share with you some interesting food for thought:

FATHOM whitepaper FATHOM.   A new paper entitled “FATHOM: RESCUING REVENUE” highlights the challenges faced by utilities experiencing year over year reductions in revenue.   ”Going forward, utilities need a way to both find and maintain revenue. And while water leaks certainly result in lost revenue, there is often much more revenue hidden and lost in our utility data.”

FATHOM Chairman and CEO Trevor Hill will expand on these ideas at the World Water-Tech Investment Summit in a presentation entitled “Innovation Delivery: Finding New Routes to Market for Advances Water Technologies.”   FATHOM will also host a Pre-Summit Networking Drinks Reception on the evening of February 22, which will take place at the prestigious Fishmongers Hall by London Bridge.

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