Key Themes for World Agri-Tech Investment Summit, London 2016 Announced

The key themes for World Agri-Tech Investment Summit, London 2016 have just been announced. They are:

• Agribusiness Leaders Debate: New Collaboration Models for R&D
• Precision Farming: Gearing up for Global Market Applications
• Satellites for Agri-Food: Optimising Big Data to Drive Sustainable Intensification
• Farm Management: Integrating Smart Farming Platforms
• Farm Operators: Closing the Adoption Gap
• Opportunities at the Convergence of Ag & Life Sciences
• What’s Next for Agricultural Biologicals?
• Big Data & Next Generation Agri-Genomics: Plant Genome Editing & Beyond
• Opportunities in the Adjacent Space: Synthetic Biology & Natural Products
• Decentralizing North American Investment Capital: Identifying the Next Opportunities


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