#AgriTechNews Crop-Monitor-Drones to Drought-Resistant Crops

The agri-tech industry is booming right now, and there’s every reason to be excited. From crop-monitor-drones to drought-resistant crops, we’ve chose five stories that caught our eye this week in agri-tech…

The Wireless Garden of Edyn: Changing How Gardeners Grow Food – foodtank
“The Edyn Garden Sensor is a wireless, solar-powered device that uses the Internet to track changes in soil and the environment around farms. Then, the sensor sends information to farmers about light, temperature, soil nutrition, and other information regarding her/his farm via an app.”
Enabling The Smart Agriculture Revolution – The Future of Farming through the IoT Perspective – Beecham Research
Cobydu wWcAA-UTk
“Smart Farming is not just for large farms and research centres, but is starting to impact small and medium-sized farms. The farming industry is very receptive to technical innovation and is already embracing the IoT, using information from sensors, machinery and weather stations.”
Vancouver aeroponics farm uses ‘space-age’ tech to grow food for local restaurants, markets – cbc news
“A new urban farm in Vancouver is growing food for local restaurants and markets without soil, or any other growing medium.”
Farming to go hi-tech: Drones will monitor crop and soil health in India soon – India Today
“This capability could be used for the benefit of farming sector at regional or local scale for assessing land and crop health; extent, type and severity of damage besides issuing forewarning, post-event management and settlement of compensation under crop insurance schemes.”
Developing highly drought-resistant crops – Science Daily
“International research has found how plants, such as rice and wheat, sense and respond to extreme drought stress, in a breakthrough that could lead to the development of next-generation drought-proof crops.”

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