#AgriTechNews How Machine Learning Will Change What You Eat to Tinder for Tractors

With September just ahead of us, we’re taking a look at the most recent articles in the agri-tech world. Should teaching agriculture in schools be a requirement and how exactly can machine learning change what we eat? Scroll down and read on.

How Machine Learning Will Change What You Eat – fastcompany.com
BLOG IMAGE“Smarter technology could make farms more efficient and food tastier, though environmentalists argue none of it is guilt-free.”
Should Agriculture Be a Required School Subject? – modernfarmer.com
BLOG IMAGE (1)“Despite the grumbling of many frustrated American school kids taking math tests, the broad subjects required in public schools each have firm arguments for their respective inclusion.”
Researchers discover a special power in wheat – sciencedaily.com
BLOG IMAGE (2)“A new photosynthesis discovery may help breed faster-growing wheat crops that are better adapted to hotter, drier climates. A research team has published a paper showing that photosynthesis occurs in wheat seeds as well as in plant leaves.”
The land grab for farm data – techcrunch.com
BLOG IMAGE (3)“Farmers are adopting smart-sensor technologies and connected farm equipment more quickly than ever, stretching each season to eke out greater yield from finite acreage.”
How Tinder for Tractors is Shaking Up the Agriculture Industry – agfundernews.com
BLOG IMAGE (4) “We thought that might get your attention! No, it’s not quite what you think. But it’s close. HarvestPort, a Californian startup, is matchmaking farmers to farm equipment that they don’t own and they don’t want to buy. And, like Tinder, it’s fast becoming a service that users didn’t know they needed, until now.”

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