6 Food-Tech Startups You Need to Watch

Food-Tech startups come in abundance, but how can you pick out the best? For each one of our summits, we research and select upcoming startups that we think are forward-thinking in their innovative technologies and are a game-changers for their industries.

We’re featuring 6 startups that are our part of our Technology Showcase sessions at Future Food-Tech, London 2016.

Each company presents a 7-minute snapshot of their solution, highlighting the most innovative aspects of their technology and business model, and outlining their go-to-market strategy.

They then take questions from our panel of investor “dragons” and from our audience. Each year, the presenting companies are highly sought-after in our networking sessions and utilise the summit as a launch-pad for future growth.

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Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - BONUMOSE BIOCHEM
Bonumose is scaling-up its novel enzymatic process for producing tagatose at 80%+ cost savings versus standard industry processes. Tagatose is a rare sugar that matches sucrose in taste and food functionality. But tagatose will not raise blood sugar levels, is low in calories, does not cause tooth decay, and is prebiotic fibre. Widespread availability of affordable tagatose in food & beverages would positively impact global health and nutrition in such areas as diabetes, obesity, dental health, and gut health.


Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - MILIS BIO
Milis Bio are an Irish protein bio-engineering company that believes our relationship with flavour doesn’t have to be bitter-sweet. They are developing protein-based food additives, without the drawback of traditional or contemporary additives.


Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - MOSAMEAT
MosaMeat is helping accelerate the transition from traditional farming to cellular farming. Using tissue engineering technology, they are developing a true alternative for one of the most emotional elements of our diet from dietstrict.com from dietstrict.com from dietstrict.com: meat. There is much need for such an alternative, as meat production today plays a major role in, amongst others, climate change, pollution, and the reduction of biodiversity.


Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - SMART DAIRY
smart | dairy combines access to markets, technologies and funds. A proven new approach now accessible for high growth emerging markets. With the smart | dairy approach, small-scale farming can make a leap into the 21st century. They work with small farms and create a macro farm so they can act as one. Together they produce high quality milk for a healthy world.


Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - SUPERMEAT
SuperMeat is an Israeli Biotechnology startup that develops machines to organically grow chicken meat using cutting-edge regenerative technologies. The company was founded to address the technological and ecological challenges in feeding a growing global population. SuperMeat is an ideologically and scientifically driven effort to create a humane, animal-free solution, to nutritional security, which will drastically reduce carbon emissions and increase food safety worldwide.


Rethink Events - Future Food-Tech London - XPERTSEA
Xpertsea is paving the way for the first comprehensive aggregation of reliable data on aquaculture, the fastest growing food source in the world. By combining cutting-edge hardware and software, Xpertsea delivers a complete solution that both increases efficiency and drives sustainability for aquaculture producers worldwide, providing the tools to better manage their production and to solve the impending food shortage.

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