#WasteToEnergyNews 3 WTE Articles You Need to Read This Week

Want to find out how Sweden is recycling its waste? Read on, plus discover Biffa’s new waste and recycling contract and why C&G is selling its principal business to Chinese business partners.

C&G to sell its principal businesses to Chinese business partners – businesstimes.com
BLOG IMAGE (6)“TWO years after disposing its business in China, waste-to-energy firm C&G Environmental Protection Holdings is proposing to sell the remainder of its business to two different Chinese business partners.”
Here’s How Sweden is Recycling 99% of its Waste – globalcitizen.org
Here’s How Sweden is Recycling 99% of its Waste“More than half of the world’s waste — 59% of it, in fact — ends up in landfills. This means that most of the world’s trash eventually ends up releasing toxins that contaminate the soil and groundwater, and emit dangerous greenhouse gases.”
£50m Waste & Recycling Contract for Biffa in Somerset – waste-management-world.com
£50m Waste & Recycling Contract for Biffa in Somerset“North Somerset Council has awarded Biffa Group a seven year contract to collect household waste and recycling, as well as manage local household waste recycling centres and collect WEEE.”

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