#WaterTechNews Coca-Cola Replenishes Water, plus Wastewater Combatting California’s Drought

What if you could replenish the life of distressed lakes using technology? Scroll down to find out how, plus discover how Coca-Cola is stepping up their water game and how wastewater is helping combat California’s drought.

California Drought 2016: Wastewater Blend Could Help With Lawns, Crops – ibtimes.com
California Drought 2016: Wastewater Blend Could Help With Lawns, Crops“As California struggles with an ongoing, historic drought, researchers are racing to find ways to address the state’s lack of water. And there is new evidence that blending wastewater may go a long way toward fixing that water deficit in an affordable way.”
Coca-Cola: We’re Replenishing All of the Water We Use – money.cnn.com
Coca-Cola: We're replenishing all of the water we use“Coca-Cola says it has replenished all the water it used to make its drinks — a first for the company.”
How Two Bengaluru-based Techies are Infusing Life into the City’s Distressed Lakes – thenewsminute.com
How two Bengaluru-based techies are infusing life into the city's distressed lakes“Bengaluru’s lakes often make news and not for the right reasons. Sometimes they catch fire, sometimes they house toxic foam and other times, display disturbing fish kill. But two city-based techies have come up with Elemento Aqua, a floatation device which, apart from identifying if contaminants are going into the water untreated, also monitors the oxygen levels in the lake.”

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