ToolGen and RebelBio Announce the Agreement for Collaboration Using ToolGen’s CRISPR/Cas9 IP

ToolGen, Inc. (KONEX, 199800), a biotechnology company specializing in genome editing, and RebelBio, the world’s first life sciences accelerator, announced today that the companies have reached a collaboration agreement for the facilitation of the use of ToolGen’s CRISPR technology platform to their portfolio startups.

Kim Jong-moon, CEO of Toolgen, and Rodrigo Mallo Leiva, Programme Director, RebelBio

ToolGen is an early pioneer in gene editing research. The MOU provides RebelBio and affiliated startups with a platform to access ToolGen’s comprehensive suite of intellectual property. This agreement further expands the resources available for the RebelBio portfolio companies.

“We are excited to announce our agreement with RebelBio, the leading accelerator in biotech field, and look forward to work together with innovative startups to broaden the scope of genome editing technology” said Jongmoon Kim, chief executive officer of ToolGen Inc.

“Giving teams commercial certainty around the use of CRISPR is a priority for us and we hope to grow our partnerships strongly in the coming years” added Bill Liao, founder of RebelBio and European General Partner for SOSV – The Accelerator VC.

RebelBio, an Accelerator fully owned by SOSV, is committed since 2014 to the funding & development of startups looking to change the world through the use of biology as a technology, having investing in more than 40 companies so far.

Leveraging the CRISPR platform and associated licenses to support companies is a significant boost to SOSV’s already impressive global network.

In order to create advances in agriculture & healthcare, and solve global challenges, startups need to adapt and have access to cutting edge gene-editing tools. In agriculture CRISPR-Cas9 allows crops to be adapted to harsh climates, produce more nutrients and higher yields. In healthcare the advent of its use in the fields of oncology & precision microbiome engineering are becoming the focus of CRISPR’s use in numerous commercial applications.

ToolGen also have signed MOU with PlantEdit, an agri-biotech startup from RebelBio’s portfolio. PlantEdit addresses the current global agricultural issues in a sustainable, eco-friendly and consumer oriented manner using cutting edge next-generation genome editing tools from ToolGen along with innovative transformation technology to make sustainable foods available for the future.

Kim Jong-moon, CEO of Toolgen and Dr. Chidananda Nagamangala Kanchiswamy of PlantEdit